Submitted by Sandy Elder, Michigan

Idea posted January 11, 2002

I haven't had desks for years and love it! The first year my upper elementary kids complained off and on, but now no one gives it a thought.

Bingo/games: Boards go on the floor in front of them.

Written work: Everyone grabs a text book to use as a "table."

How they sit: Cross-legged unless in a dress. Then, they cross their legs open in front of them or bend them back to the side. Stand for singing. Sit for listening and for light singing while first learning songs. Always(!) have "straight backs" and heads up for good breathing and sound quality. I always need to remind someone to hold the book/music in "singing position." Otherwise, some will leave it down in the "reading position." Works great not having the furniture, especially when we're doing dancing/movement lessons.

Group work/projects: Divide in teams and spread out around the room. Some assignments are done alone or with a partner. Those are done usually with the kids sitting along the four walls, facing the walls to minimize distractions. They actually like that.

And my custodians LOVE cleaning my room!