Submitted by Nancy

Idea posted January 11, 2002

This is fun to do to "Ghostbusters." I did it on Monday, and we had a blast!

Formation: scattered
8 beats:
R hand out to side 4 times (palms down) "like an Egyptian"
L hand out to side 4 times
8 beats:
REPEAT the above again with palms up
8 beats:
Roll hands down to the right 2 beats
Up to center 2 beats
Down to left 2 beats
Up to center 2 beats
8 beats:
R hand to L shoulder
L hand to R shoulder
R hand to R thigh
L hand to L thigh
R hand to side of R leg
L hand to side of L leg
Jump 1/4 turn to the R
Clap once
Repeat as many times as you need!

We also used "Monster Mash." On the chorus we did a slow hand jive, but for the verses, I made up an ostinato for them to put on body percussion - 1, 2, 3, 4; do the monster mash. (ta ta ta ta titi titi ta rest = floor together floor together for ta's - patsch the rhythm of "do the monster mash") We repeated that four times before going to the chorus and the hand jive. I then had them create their own eight beat ostinato... It was fun!!