Submitted by Sandy Elder, Michigan

Idea posted January 11, 2002

How about finding a current (and cool) pop song out there that requires them to sing in their upper registers. My kids still like "I Believe I Can Fly." Since I'm leading, I can start in whatever key I choose (tee hee hee). You could tell the boys that you know how comfortable they are singing low notes so you have a special part for them. Then, give them one of the mid-range (not low! but also not high!) "I can fly" parts on the final chorus. You may not be able to overcome this stereotype, but by working within it, you may very well be able to "trick" them into expanding their range.

Using language like that helps, too; "expanding your range," "training your voice so you're able to sing more notes," etc. Use that kind of talk, always with the understanding that they'll feel more comfortable socially and probably vocally singing low. I'd tell them that, too. It is very important that we always allow them to "save face" and maintain their oncoming manhood. Ahh... the joys of puberty.