Submitted by Noreen Hofmann, Matthews, North Carolina

Idea posted May 21, 2004

I adapted the lyrics to Teresa Jennings' gorgeous song, "You Are Our Heroes" (from Music K-8, Vol. 12, No. 4) to create a customized retirement song for a fellow teacher. I took the word "hero" and replaced it with the word "teacher" in verses one and two as follows:

"What can you say to a hero?" is now "What can you say to a teacher?" (You know the rest, I'm sure.) The words fit beautifully.

For the refrain, the only phrase to change was the last line. Instead of singing the title on that phrase, I replaced it with the teacher's name, making it fit the five different pitches (i.e., Mrs. McClure)

Coda: sing that teacher's name three times, followed by "Thank you Mr./Mrs. _____!"