Submitted by Andrea Cope, Texas

Idea posted May 21, 2004

Every member of a group has to do the challenge they select.

1. All members of your group must be able to read and play "Fifty Nifty."
2. Using the basket of instruments provided, create an accompaniment for the poem provided.
3. Figure out how to play "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" on xylopipes. All must play together. Notate it on staff paper for triple points.
4. Use recorders to solve nine Musical Mysteries. (Musical Mysteries are a series of two-measure phrases where the students must name the title.)
5. Each member of the group must be able to define these words: coda, variation, harmony, sharp, flat, lyrics, soprano, and dynamics. (The students can't write them down as it is a verbal quiz.)
6. Identify the family of these instruments: flute, saxophone, etc.
7. Play "Peace Round" as a canon.
8. Using the rhythm chart provided, perform a body percussion piece. Double points if all can read it in "ta, titi, tika tika" format. Triple points if all can read it in quarter, eighth, and sixteenth note format.
9. Play a C major scale on the recorder and a G major scale on the piano.
10. Using dancing canes, choreograph "Chim Chiminey" from "Mary Poppins."
11. All members must be able to read and play "Chan Mali Chan."
12. Each member must perform a song from a recorder book. Points are based on difficulty and quality of performance.
13. Be able to name the notes on the flash cards. Triple points if each person can tell me a trick to help identify the notes.