A Whacky Winter Song

by Teresa Jennings

"A Whacky Winter Song" is one of those songs we wrote just for the fun of it! By mid-winter, a little bit of silly singing and Boomwhacker® playing is bound to pick up anyone's spirits.

There is really nothing terribly challenging about the piece, with the possible exception of the "bell tones" after measure 17. What that means is that singers should accent each note from their stomach muscles, letting the tone decay before the next note is sung. Kind of like bells being struck. The trill is fun, too, but it's optional if it's too hard.

Pick a few soloists to say "Brrrrr!" a few times and have them add characteristic shivering and cold weather body language. In a performance, have all students dress in winter attire. Add some winter props, such as snowballs and snowmen for effect.

The Boomwhackers® are optional, but they are the element that makes the song "whacky." Substitute other pitched percussion or mallets if you like.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.