Christmas Jubilation

by Mike Wilson

This song is available as a single.

Webster defines "jubilation" as "an act of rejoicing" or "an expression of great joy." If there is any season of the year that should reflect that sentiment, it is Christmas. We set out to create a song that promotes the feeling of joy surrounding the season and ended up with a "clap your hands, dance in the aisle" gospel style Christmas tune to energize your kids and audience. As you listen to the song, you'll hear trumpets, trombones, and saxes tucked in and around the melody for extra pizzazz. The percussion and full rhythm section provide the 2-beat backdrop to this mini party.

Though it wouldn't be out of line to clap your hands from start to finish, we didn't want to play our hand (no pun intended) too early and waited till the second time at the chorus to begin. Please remember to clap on the backbeats with the snare drum for the proper gospel effect.

The melody is in an easy range and it is unison. It works for older age groups but our younger ones handled it quite nicely. The breakdown in the middle of the song gives you a chance to feature up to three (optional) soloists. They are very short solos, so your spotlight operator will have to be on his toes.

This is pop gospel so you will want to encourage a "belt it out" stylized approach. Though this is a fun way to sing, don't let your singers lose their focus on pitches and diction. The song needs to be fun for the audience too, after all.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.