Deja Nos Entrar

by Ken Johnson

This song to celebrate Las Posadas, is unique in that it has been written with flexibility in mind. The simplicity and repetition of the melody and rhythm will make teaching the music a breeze with any grade level, primary to upper elementary. Lyrically, you can make this tune as challenging as you'd like, as it is designed to be sung in either Spanish or English.

For younger kids or those with little or no training in Spanish, the English version will work quite nicely. For older kids with more background in Spanish or whose primary language is Spanish, you can use the Spanish version. If your class falls somewhere in between, you can feel free to combine the two, alternating English/Spanish by phrase or by verse. For example, "Let us come inside, por favor, por favor..."

As always, a cassette accompaniment is provided as well as a piano part. "Deja Nos Entrar" is however, chordally very basic and, for the benefit of the piano challenged, can easily be accompanied on guitar. With the substitution of a D major chord for the B minor, it can even be accompanied on autoharp. Quite frankly, it was written with the guitar in mind. Also, we've added simple lines for rhythm instruments to further involve the students and to help give this tune a light latin feel.

On the tape, we have provided accompaniment for six verses. If you are not using the tape, you can, of course, feel free to use which ever verses you like. And, if you are so inclined and really want to challenge your students, have them try to come up with more verses on their own. This will provide them with an excellent opportunity to integrate music with their study of Spanish language and culture.

Here is a chance to challenge your kids with as much Spanish as you feel they are ready to tackle or simply to have some fun celebrating La Navidad in your classroom. Perhaps you may even want to have your own classroom to classroom fiesta of Las Posadas. Remember, flexibility is the key to this song.

As for the Spanish, don't panic. Once again we have provided both written and spoken pronunciation guides, as well as a lyric sheet and translation to help you and your students with the language.

For some information and historical background on the Mexican celebration of Las Posadas, see the next page.

"¡Buena suerte!"

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.