by David & Anne Ellsworth

In their continuing efforts to educate young children about important issues, Anne and David have touched on a critical one this time - traffic safety. What a good opportunity for you to reinforce the rules of safely crossing streets. And don't forget to mention it to the classroom teachers, too, so you can bring it across the curriculum.

The song begins with the sounds of traffic which meld into a low tone and drums for the establishment of pitch and tempo. The recording offers an excellent example of performance for your students to listen to and sing along with as they learn. As always, it's simple to learn and remember, so kids should catch on quickly.

During the rap section at measure 5 the second and third times through, there is an added friendly voice on the recording to help your youngsters. (You may recognize it as a familiar, good neighborly-type voice from PBS lore...)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.