Yes I Can

by Anne & David Ellsworth

What better way to instill a can do attitude in young students than with a lively, happy song? A positively round song is the nickname we've given to this upbeat tune, and with good reason: It's upbeat, and it's a round!

Your youngest singers will have no trouble learning the very easy melody and lyrics, and with a little cue help from you, maybe even singing the round, which begins at measure 25. If you wish, you can add an optional descant the third time through at measure 25. Select one or a few singers for this part. The claps which occur during the instrumental sections are also optional, but should be simple enough for your students to join in.

It was a real treat to hear how the recording of this song turned out once our percussionist, Kevin Kaiser, added all the neat world beat instruments to the groove. A mixture of guitars, bass, drums, percussion and nifty synthesizer sounds, the recording for this one is lots of fun.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.