The Cow Says, "Meow!"

by Teresa Jennings

This is truly a children's song in the traditional sense of the word - fun, silly and easy. There is absolutely nothing difficult about it so any group of students should be able to learn it quickly. Though it is in 2/4, the eighth notes swing so that there is a constant rollicking feel. It's so simple, your students will not even think twice about it.

The song begins as a call and response, so you will want to divide your singers into two groups. They join together at measure 13 each time until the end of the phrase. They return to the call and response each time they repeat to measure 5. (Claps during this section are optional.)

Of course, the whole point of the song is the use of animal effects. Select your soloists ahead of time, and let them alternate if you can. Let them be as outrageous as they like! Our singers had a great time with this one.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.