Summer's In The Air

by Teresa Jennings

It's interesting what kind of response this song has generated from the various people who have heard and/or performed it thus far. It seems that everyone has an opinion about what other tune or style it reminds them of! We've heard everything from "Sesame Street," to the Yellow Jackets' "Mile High," to something the group Chicago might have done, to something the group Spanky and Our Gang might have done, and a few others in between. Whatever the song makes you and your students think about, we're certain you'll agree that it is a most cheerful and uplifting song.

It is written as a light-hearted rock shuffle, which will immediately set little heads bouncing and toes tapping. By all means, add some choreography or simple movement to it.(Here's a thought: have one or two of your youngest singers walk back and forth across the stage with a bounce in their steps during just the verse.) The lyrics are simple and easy to remember as is the melody. It is also completely unison, so it should be a quick one to learn and use, if you and your students are so inspired.

You could add this song to a spring program with little difficulty. A few flowers, birds, trees, and a big, bright sun in the sky for a background, and you have a perfect setting. Let your art teacher get her students drawing pictures to fill up the performance area for an across-the-curriculum activity.

On the P/A recording, part of the charm of the song is the use of flute and flugelhorns. There is also an ongoing folk harp motif behind the introduction and chorus sections. Some congas, tambourine, and a tasteful also saxophone solo are the cherries on top. If anything will make your students (and your audience!) feel good, this song is it.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.