Kazoo To You, Too!

by Teresa Jennings

Just what you've been waiting for - a chance to showcase your kazoo band! This fun and silly little song is very easy, and your kids will love showing off their kazoo prowess.

The song begins with the lyrics, which are basically nonsense lyrics. Be sure to encourage silliness with the "ah-choo" and "boo hoo" responses. When the kazoo section starts, you will notice that the chords are a simple, common progression. The bass line will help your students find their pitch centers quickly for each ditty. Starting with "Ring Around The Rosy," each musical phrase should be a well-known tune to the kids. Be sure to remind them to swing the eighth notes.

The triplet figures, such as in "Looby Loo" could be simplified to the eighth note figure, but since kids know the songs with the triplets, it might be easy enough for them to learn.

Once the tune goes back to measure 7, your performers get to alternate between singing and playing. It is laid out logically, so they still get to say the fun parts when they get to them. They continue to alternate until near the end, when they just play. The famous "shave and a haircut" phrase is last.

Probably the quickest way for your kazoo artists to learn the song is to listen to the kids on the P/A cassette perform it. They'll pick it up in no time.

And how will you come up with all the kazoos to do this neat tune? Well, on page 45 you will find simple instructions for making your own, or if you prefer to buy them, see page 56 (and the enclosed flyer) about how to buy them in bulk. By the way, we know that the homemade ones work because we made several and tested them after we found that the designs in some books on homemade instruments really don't work! We'll also tell you that the kazoos used in the recording are the American-made plastic kazoos offered in the flyer.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.