I Got A Dog

by Teresa Jennings

If you have a dog, you'll relate to this song instantly. It has such a happy, friendly, dog-loving vibe to it. Once you learn it, you'll have a hard time getting it out of your head. We lovingly dedicate it to all our Planker pups who have slobbered their way into the hearts of our own dear Plankers. Especially Marco. (Ever met a Samoyed puppy? They're really cute. Search YouTube™: Marco Samoyed.)

Set in a moderate jazz waltz style, this tune is very short and easy despite the swinging eighth notes. Just let your students listen to our singers on the recording, and they'll sing right along. We used our younger voices for this one because, well, it just sounded right. But you sure could use older kids, too. Dogs don't care how old we are (thank goodness). As an added activity for this tune, you could have "bring your dog to school" day (if your principal allows and all the rules are followed). Or if you want to keep it tamer, just let kids bring in photos, or even video clips of their pups to share.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.