When The Lights All Shine

by Teresa Jennings

More than ever, songs of peace and brotherhood seem to be needed. Especially ones that our young people can sing out with heartfelt enthusiasm. We hope that this song is one of them. It is positive, uplifting, energizing, and inspirational - exactly the right thing for a holiday performance or any "worldly" performance. It speaks of candles being lit one by one in countries all over the world until "the lights all shine as one" and "the journey to peace has begun."

Several different countries are named in the lyrics. These were chosen for geographic diversity and thoughtful impact. You may certainly replace any and all of them with countries you and your students prefer. The trick is making them work with the syllables of the melody. Juggle as needed.

The opening solo is optional and could be either performed by more than one soloist taking turns, or singing together as a duet, trio, etc. The first time at measure 25, everyone sings in unison until the chorus, which begins at measure 57. Part 2, which is also optional, can enter here. We have isolated this part for teaching purposes and put it on our web site. (See box following.)

Definitely consider using candles for the best effect in your performance. As always, we recommend the safe, battery-powered types. (Yes, we have some at MusicK8.com in case you're interested.) Turn down the overhead lights for that goose bump effect. Add color and visual excitement to the performance with the use of multicultural costuming.

Online extras - You will find the free, downloadable tracks under the "Graphics and Extras" for Volume 17, No. 2 at MusicK8.com

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.