Dona Nobis Pacem

arr. Teresa Jennings

As I mentioned in my letter (inside front cover), this song has all kinds of positives: it's seasonal or not seasonal, secular or sacred, it can compliment any program, the subject is peace, and it's just not that hard. And, oh yes, everyone has heard of it. Though this arrangement is a three-part partner song, each part is simple and repetitive. Plus, if you've been looking for an excuse to show off some head voice action, part 3 will do the job.

The "all-bells-and-whistles" ending on the cassette brings out fanfare brass, chimes, timpani - you name it. The beauty is, as great as all that stuff is, a piano only will work, too. The trick is the dynamics. Keep it gentle and mezzo piano to mezzo forte at the beginnings. In the fourth ending, put out a big crescendo and have at it. It'll be great.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.