You're Beautiful To Me

by Mike Wilson

Every one of your students is a unique and unrepeatable person worthy of honor, respect, and love. If only that was the message they received by today's media rather than the barrage of predominately negative programming to which we've become accustomed. "You're Beautiful To Me" is an unabashed attempt to instill within each listener a deeper sense of self worth. Right out of the "James Taylor style" playbook, you'll hear a simple guitar-based rhythm section supporting a very singable unison melody in a pop style.

Presented on the recording is the unison choral version as well as a solo rendition, performed by Missy Schott. (Missy's version is also available on our web site so students can download and enjoy, too. See following for details.) If you are so inclined, feel free to adapt your choral treatment stylistically to Missy's approach. Or, you could mix and match solo and choral verses.

Though, from the composer's perspective, the last verse represents the "heart" of the message, you may be prohibited by your school system to use the phrase, "child of God." If that is the case, you can simply repeat the previous verse.

Online extras - The free, downloadable extras mentioned can be found under the Graphics and Extras for Volume 18, No. 5 at

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.