Spring Has Finally Come

by Teresa Jennings

Happy. Fun. Blooming. Warm. And highly anticipated, we dare say. That's what spring is around here anyway. But the most universal sentiment has got to be, "finally!" Not to disparage winter. It has its merits. However, by the time March rolls around, who among us isn't ready to say, "Next please." That's the feeling we aim to capture with this optimistic, upbeat, joyful tune. Set in a light and exuberant Broadway style, it's got a lively pulse that will no doubt put a, well, spring in your step!

While you could use the song as a unison piece, it gets a little more zing from the addition of the optional second part. As always, if you need to supplement your young singers so that you can include part 2, consider inviting older students, teachers, parents, etc. To help you teach part 2, we have isolated it and put it on our web site for you.

If you're lucky enough to use this tune in performance, be sure to add a few springtime props. Flowers immediately come to mind, as do pastel spring-colored outfits. A few exuberant motions on key words can also add visual interest. For example:

happy - thumbs up
fun - frame face while smiling big
blooming - hands open, palms up in front
warm - hug self
finally - thrust arms out, palms open for emphasis

During the bridge (m. 22), just a gentle swaying side to side for most of it will work nicely. Then at the end, for "Winter, you may go!," stop swaying and stick one arm up and out, pointing toward the exit. Punctuate the ending with hands up/out for the final word, "Spring!"

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.