Spring In My Step

by Mike Wilson

Though we all enjoy the beauty of a crisp winter day, there is just something about seeing those first signs of spring that brings a sense of renewal. The days growing longer and warmer, the birds singing, the bees buzzing can't help but put a spring in your step and a song in your heart.

"Spring In My Step" is a high energy, happy piece that puts those feelings into song. The quick tempo gets your pulse moving with a big band-style rhythm section and brass to punctuate the jabs. The melody is in unison with what look like some tricky intervals. It sings very naturally, however, with the top note of each of the first four lines ascending the scale. Our studio kids picked right up on it and "owned" the song in very short measure. Observe the scoops and jazzy vocal style to maintain the genre.

Have your kids take a moment to listen to the fantastic bass line executed by our bassist, Steve Dokken. It is a case study on the "walking bass." Point out the constant flow of quarter notes beneath each verse. The arpeggios, scale runs, and passing tones outlining the chords create the backbone of the style.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.