Hip Hop Turkeys

by Teresa Jennings

We've published all kinds of hip hop songs - songs about bunnies, reindeer, even shamrocks. But we've never published one about hip hop turkeys, and we thought it was about time we did. As with most of our hip hops, the groove is a halftime swing. You could count it in 4/4 at twice the speed, but it doesn't quite have the same flow. When in doubt, just listen to the recording.

If you use this tune in performance, you can think of a few natural things to do pretty easily. Like having a costumed "turkey named T" and a few friends. As suggested on the music, it might be fun to have them perform in a sort of "boy band" position. (Okay, you can use girls, too. But you get the point.) A little research on your part to find some appropriate inspiration on YouTube™ can help, too, especially if you want to have choreography.

You'll note on the music it says that an exaggerated clap can be added on backbeats starting at measure 29. This is when the kids first sing, "Put your drumsticks together." There is electronic clapping from the beginning of the tune though. Your singers could actually join in at any point prior to measure 29 if you want.

One thing that will make this particularly enjoyable, besides dancing or moving in general, is the rapping. Let kids listen to our "turkeys" to see the kind of attitude they use. Interesting how natural it felt to them. Another enjoyable thing is the recording. Our combination of power guitars and rock drums with tight jazzy brass is unique. It makes us smile. Or gobble, as the case may be.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.