Happy Hanukkah!

by Teresa Jennings

A lot of times, songs for Hanukkah can be slow, thoughtful, serious, and usually in a minor key. But we have had requests to provide something lighter - happy, and in a major key. So we did! Here's a very simple song that most students should be able to sing, even your youngest. And because it's unison, repetitious, and short, it probably won't take long to learn. In fact, your audience could probably join in at the chorus after the first hearing!

One of the most charming aspects of this ditty is the accompaniment on the recording. A mixture of clarinets, muted brass, acoustic guitars, and chimes adds to the bouncy and whimsical feeling.

If you like this song, but don't have need for it as it is, you could certainly adapt the lyrics for a different occasion. For example, at the chorus, you could change the word "Hanukkah" to "Holiday" or "Birthday" or "Summertime," and so forth.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.