In Service Of Our Country

by Teresa Jennings

Honoring the veterans who have served our country is something we do as a nation every Veterans Day. However, honoring, supporting, and thanking the troops who are serving our country currently is also important. The song, "In Service Of Our Country" is flexible and provides you with a musical salute to either veterans or troops in active service, or both. Any patriots who have given of themselves for the good of their country are the subjects of this stately anthem. (Note: This song doesn't actually say "America," making it more universally usable.)

Though the song is in unison until the last few bars where there is an optional divisi, there are still opportunities for musical nuance. At measure 9, the word "marcato" indicates the style for singers at this point, shifting then to "legato" at measure 17. There is also an indication to sing "hushed, with reverence" there the first time, then building the second time to the D.S.

The recorded symphonic tracks include a majestic blend of brass and percussion that rise and fall with the emotion of the tune. Particularly if you use this piece in performance, we suggest using the recording as a powerful and appropriate musical backdrop for your singers.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.