Shut It Off

by Teresa Jennings

Having dedicated an entire all-school revue last year to the subject of environmental responsibility (My Planet, Your Planet), you might think we're tapped out. On the contrary. We can always think of new ways to spread the word, musically-speaking.

Turning things off is an easy thing most of us can do, kids included. So it makes sense to drill it into our own heads that if we're not actively using something, we should get into the habit of going for the switch.

This song is very simple, and the best way for your kids to learn it is just start the recording, show them the music and words, and get out of their way. They'll catch on fast. And we're betting they'll remember the lesson, too. Even around here, we've been chanting, "shut off the power," as we go from one room to the next. It works.

The claps on beats 2 and 4 that start at the D.C. are optional. But they add a little zest to the tune and make it more participatory for the kids rhythmically.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.