Character Tango

by Teresa Jennings

Every now and then, we're just compelled to write a tango. After all, every music student ought to be familiar enough to recognize the passionate and punctuated pulse when they hear one. This time, our topic - character - is one you will find quite useful in a cross curricular way, we have no doubt. And to make it doubly useful, we have made it a partner song. Both parts are important and can stand on their own, but when combined the third time through, really bring home the point of the song. If you can, take the time to discuss the words and their meaning as they relate to a person's character.

Part 1 is more rhythmic and should be sung with clear diction and a little bit of accenting (from the diaphragm). Part 2 is meant to be more fluid and should be sung more smoothly and connected. This will provide a wonderful contrast (typical of tangos) when they are sung together. Be sure to let your singers add the claps as written for the perfect "tango touch."

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.