Footprints In The Snow

by Teresa Jennings

We do so love to publish these lighthearted, silly songs. Every time we hear this one, we giggle. It conjures up such amusing imagery. You absolutely must play it for your students before they sing it themselves so they can appreciate it, too. Besides, our recording gives the perfect example of how it should go. Which is not to say you couldn't modify or adapt it to suit your own situation and/or actor(s). We used one actor - Celia Ellsworth - who did all of the spoken parts herself. She has that "gradually getting more irritated while the singers blithely go on with their song" thing down. But as we indicate on the music, you can certainly share the fun with others, too. Assign every line to a different speaker or divide everything between a few. Save your best for the ending though, as that's where the real fun is.

And speaking of the real fun, you may be wondering where we came up with such neat sound effects for our Martian spaceship and dialog, as well as our great T. Rex roar. Well, it just so happens that we published some other things a while back that had these effects in them. The Martian effects came from a musical called "A Martian Christmas." The roar came from a song called "T. Rex In The Neighborhood." (That latter one was one of our best sellers when it first came out. What is it about kids and dinosaurs??) As you guessed, both of these are available at good ol' Or give our customer service folks a call at 1-800-437-0832.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.