American Every Day

by Teresa Jennings

There's a distinctly halftime groove reminiscent of a straight 8th hip hop going on behind the symphonic brass, strings, and corps-style percussion. It's very energetic, yet coolly subdued in a "We Will Rock You" sort of way. Just listening and analyzing the recording and all that is going on is a real treat. (You'll note we gave our horns a major workout! Isn't it a rule that big patriotic pieces have power horns?) And of course, we do recommend that you use our superb recording for both teaching and performing.

The song itself is unison, simple, and repetitious. That means that just about anyone should be able to sing along, including your audience, once they get the idea of how it goes. They could even join the optional clapping and stomping, if you like. (See measure 31.) And be sure your singers really milk it on the D.S. when they get to sing a cappella. That's the fun part!

While the spoken solos at measure 41 are optional, they do give it a "big finish" flavor. Remind soloists to clearly and enthusiastically shout out.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.