Red And Green

by Teresa Jennings

This piece is another great showcase for various talents. You will note that there are many different parts for it in this issue. There is a miniature score (a full-size version is available at our web site for free - see below), a reduced score for singers/scarves and piano, a recorder part, a guitar part, and a percussion/mallets part. You could feature just singers, or singers with scarf movement. Add recorders. Or guitars. Or both. Add some or all of the percussion, pitched and/or non-pitched. Whatever you combine will work nicely.

The main fun of the tune, however, is with the red and green scarves which coincide with the theme of the song. The movement suggestions are super easy so even young kids can join in. You can alter these any way you like, of course. You can make them more elaborate, adding swirls and circles, etc. Or you can alter patterns amongst performers for more visual energy and/or more challenges for older students. You can purchase scarves (we have some at Music K-8 Marketplace - see, or you can make your own. Cut out strips of fabric, making them as thick or thin as you like. Use a flowing fabric that's shiny, matte, glittery or velvety, etc. Ribbons are also easy.

Speaking of easy, all of the parts are quite playable. The recorder uses only B, A, and G. The beginning guitar part uses just three 4-string chords, and the diagrams are shown on the part for convenience. You can use your own variations as you prefer with your guitar students. The same goes for all the instruments.

Online extras - The free, downloadable score mentioned can be found under the "Graphics and Extras" for Volume 19, No. 2 at

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.