Yakkin' On A Cell Phone

by Mike Wilson

Chicago meets hip hop to make a point about a timely subject: cell phone etiquette. Here's your chance to get a dialog started regarding the responsible and courteous use of cell phones. Two scenarios (verses) are presented to spark discussion. And a snappy chorus challenges a little self-examination for all.

The verses are rap (spoken rhythmically) and the choruses are sung in unison until the optional two part split on the last chorus (coda). Encourage very clear diction on the rap verses. It would be easy for the story to be lost otherwise. Our studio kids picked this one up quickly, even with some very young singers in the group. We think yours will, too. Another nice little surprise in the studio was the automatic choreography that took place. If it happens in your classroom, you might want to give the kids a chance to put together their own moves to present at your performances.

If you like, there is the cross curricular opportunity to discuss the invention of the telephone and its development. (Hmmmm. Cell rhymes with Bell...) And it couldn't hurt to contrast the decorum and etiquette of that era to ours today.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.