It's All Good

by Mike Wilson

This good-feelin', hand-clappin', gospel style two-beat is sure to raise the roof and get your audience dancing in the aisles! Well, maybe you can, at least, get them to clap along. A rhythm section, trumpets, trombones, and saxes are there on the recording to help the cause.

You'll have an opportunity to show off one of your favorite soloists at the top of the tune. (Ours was the always awesome Katy Gentry.) The guitar plays a four beat arpeggio that acts as a count-off. With the way the intro is structured, the soloist will have plenty of time for the first phrase, with the V chord signaling the second phrase. Listen and practice with our soloist if you like, but your singer doesn't have to match ours exactly. Tell yours to relax and enjoy the spotlight. The song takes off from there with all singers joining in at the pick-up to measure 11. The majority of this piece is in unison with a split into an optional divisi at the end.

Your real chance for audience participation is during the breakdown after the third chorus (the D.S.). The feel goes to halftime on the recording, the singers go to a cappella (optional, with just drums), and the claps are on beat two (at a halftime tempo). Lead the audience to clap on the correct beats as many have the tendency to clap on beat one. The halftime feel ends halfway through the chorus and the band comes back in behind the vocalists.

Regarding clapping, the choruses offer a great instance to teach about the backbeat. Claps on this style of song should always be on the backbeat with the snare drum. When in doubt, listen to our examples on the recording for guidance.

Songs with a message such as this one provide a great chance for discussion. In this case, it's about overcoming adversity, learning from every experience, and maintaining a positive outlook.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.