Chili Fries

by John Riggio

A walking bass line and a cool electric piano melody cause this Boomwhacker® piece to really bop along. We put it in the key of A minor, with some modal twists to give it a funky vibe, which will also give players of A, B, and high C more opportunities to play than a C major piece might allow. At bar 21 the folks playing low C to G have an opportunity to play, then everybody gets to join in during the rock section at bar 29, including some octave C's. All the notes are half notes, so players will have plenty of warning before it's their turn to play.

With a nice groove and playable Boomwhacker® part, this might be a great pick for live performance. It's a whacky piece with a hip title, and at less than two minutes, it should be learnable with a reasonable amount of rehearsal time.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.