I'm Not Perfect

by Mike Wilson

Flip through the pages of most magazines, check out the latest hit movie, or just watch a little prime time TV, and you will be barraged with the message of today's pop media: "If you are not thin, beautiful, muscular, handsome, (etc.), you are somehow worthless." To help assuage the constant drone of that message toward your students, we want to present this fun, country/rock style song to make light of our imperfections - to actually celebrate the fact that we're okay in spite of them. Use this song to spark discussion in your classroom about this topic.

Performance-wise, you'll notice our group really went for the country vocal approach. During the verses, they clipped each phrase, which your singers may want to do as well. The hook of the song is the exaggerated scoop into the word "perfect" at every chorus. It's okay to clown around with it. The hope is that they will internalize the message of that chorus.

Part 2, which is optional, can be sung in the bass clef octave as indicated. However, you could also take the part up an octave and use it with higher voices. Part 2 has been isolated as a rehearsal track, which you can find on our web site. See below.

The real fun begins with the last chorus at the coda. Invite your audience to sing along (they should know the melody by now) while a select group of your singers whoop it up with some celebratory ad libbing. We did this on the recording, and the kids had a blast!

Online extras - The free, downloadable tracks mentioned can be found under the "Graphics and Extras" for Volume 17, No. 4 at MusicK8.com

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.