by Teresa Jennings

Wow, is this tune fun! The idea is that the lyrics indicate whether the movement is wiggling or freezing, and the students comply. The melody is very, very easy so anyone can sing it. And the format of the tune is a simple repeat, so that won't slow you down either. Adding the claps or not is up to you. They only occur (technically) during the first four bars and its repeat. But the electronic claps continue and you may wish to let some non-wigglers join them.

The action, as the note on the music says, is up for interpretation. For example, the directive in measure five could start in measure five and go through measure six. Or seven. Or it could start in measure six and only last for that one measure. Or it could go on through measure seven. See what we mean? If this is too much thinking, then don't worry about it. Just start the tune and let kids do whatever comes naturally. They'll find a rhythm. So to speak.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.