Shakey Shakey Egg

by Teresa Jennings

This song is available as a single.

This super simple tune is for your youngest performers and gives them a chance to show their stuff using everyone's favorite: egg shakers. These little shakers are easy to hold and easy to play. And by the way, since they're eggs, they're pretty cool for Easter performances, too. These instruments are readily available (we even sell them through, but you could make your own shakers using plastic eggs filled with beans or rice.

The vocal part is brief and easy so it doesn't conflict with the all-important egg parts which begin at measure 5 the first time. As far as we're concerned, once the eggs are in, they're in. But if you prefer to have players try to stop and start, do it. (Good luck with that.) We have indicated that they can shake using eighth notes such as the ones actually notated at measure 9, or quarter notes, if it's easier. Random shaking is also fine if that's how it goes. If they're happily shaking away and don't get around to yelling in measure 4 the second time, that's okay. Ideally, they would stop in the last measure to yell and then play a button on the last beat. But whatever works, works.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.