by David & Anne Ellsworth

This song is available as a single.

Just in time for spring, St. Patrick's Day, and that burst of new life and energy, we offer a primary movement song to help you channel the energy of your youngest performers. This peppy, catchy jig invites your kids to, you guessed it, march.

Accompanied by Irish drums, acoustic guitars, and a tenor vocalist (that's writer David Ellsworth making his vocal debut, so be kind, fellow tenors!), verse one suggests a list of different kinds of movements the kids can try during the song. Try them in place or in a designated area, but define expectations before you begin. This will make it more enjoyable for them, knowing exactly what to do and/or what they can choose from, and it gives you more control. Verse two describes one way to march in place or on the go. Verse three makes a solid suggestion, including, "watch your neighbor." No accidentally swinging arms into your friends' faces or other body parts please! Verse four invites your class to move "around the room or with a friend." It is suggested that you have a definite end to the movement so as to control possible ensuing chaos.

The instrumental interludes at the beginning, end, and between measures 17-20 are for full-blown movement, of course. Excellent opportunities to try those alternative movements like skipping, jumping, and running (in place might be best here). Catching, throwing, and swimming could be pantomimed movements. Try doing a single movement for each verse or mixing it up.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.