Groundpig Day

by John Riggio

John has always thought the word "groundpig" sounds funnier than groundhog, and this is not the first time he's wanted to use the expression in a song. In fact, just go back to any of Plank Road's silly songs that use the word groundhog, and substitute the word groundpig. Go ahead. We'll wait. Just see if that doesn't make the song funnier.

This tune is very repetitive and easy to sing. About the toughest thing you'll have to deal with notewise is in measures 34-35, where we've got an E flat and some C naturals. That section has a quirky sound to it by design, mostly 'cause, well, groundpigs are quirky.

The most important part of performing this song, though, is the groundpig dialog. Make sure your performers ham it up (pig it up?), and make it cute and funny. Just don't step on the sung parts when doing the spoken lines. Our studio performers did a great job, so if your students need inspiration, let them hear the full performance on the CD. Groundpig costumes are optional.

The best way to find other Plank Road songs about groundpigs, er, groundhogs is to use our online index at "Groundpig Day" is the 8th tune on this topic we've published in Music K-8 magazine! (Hmmm. Sounds like a whole show waiting to happen.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.