You Make Me Smile

by Teresa Jennings

This sweet, folk style tune is perfect for Valentine's Day or anytime you want to focus on friendship and caring. The melody (part one) is written very simply so that it can be learned by anyone, including young singers and even your audience! The lyrics also help in this regard as they are easily memorable.

To keep it interesting and flexible for use with older students, we have included a harmony part as well (part 2). It feels very natural, and it's lots of fun to sing. (One small note: In measure 34, there is one alternate note in parentheses to use if it is easier.)

As we do with most multiple part songs lately, we have provided rehearsal tracks online (both parts in this case). We have also included a wonderful treat for you and your singers, which may serve as an inspiration for your own performances. We have recorded sisters Missy Schott and Shelley Martin singing this tune as a duet! Both of these young ladies have been with us since they were little girls, and it just seemed right to feature them this way. We hope you enjoy their performance as much as we did. (See bottom of page 68 for details.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.