A Nice, Nice Christmas

by Teresa Jennings

What a happy song! This oh-so-catchy tune will have your kids and your audience bouncing their heads to the beat. The song is unison and easy, so even young students should be able to learn it. Though part 2 is brief and optional, it is also very natural. (You'd miss it if it wasn't there!) In fact, we can easily envision this as a song that anyone and everyone can learn and sing for Christmas. Put the lyrics in your program and invite the audience to join in the last time through. We'll bet they get it!

The recording of this tune is also lots of fun. It's full of guitars, drums, synths, and of course, jingle bells. There is one neat moment worthy of note. At measure 34 on the D.S., everything drops out except a few "basics" on the CD. Your singers are radically exposed for a few measures, allowing them to show their stuff, but in a "safe" and controlled way.

Let kids move freely as they sing - en masse or in smaller groups, as you prefer. Or have them put on Santa hats and play air guitar. Or air jingle bells. Add claps if you want. Keep the energy going!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.