The Gobble Song

by Mike Wilson

This hilarious upbeat song is sung from the turkeys' perspective. Not caring much for the idea of Thanksgiving, this gobbler gang desperately attempts to convince the listener to engage in alternate activities. After all, who wants to be a main dish!

You will want to stylize your singers' vocal performance to reflect this desperation. Of course, you'll need spokesturkey soloists to "sell" the idea throughout the song. Listen to our little, um, turkeys on the recording to get an idea of how this works. The spoken solos are indicated in italics on the music. If you have any hams in your midst (turkey ham??), consider costuming them and letting them do a bit of ad libbing with the spoken solos.

Don't let any grass grow under your feet in the gobble chorus. It moves. We kept a strict rhythm on the recording, but if your kids fall behind or get ahead, and it all turns to "gobbly gook," it's just as fun.

In the coda, the optional "obbligobble" can be sung as a second part, or you may choose to employ the same ham(s) as soloists. There is an optional divisi on the last phrase for part 1 creating a three part ending. Gobble on!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.