Snowy Rainy Icy Chilly

by Teresa Jennings

One of the neat things about "Snowy Rainy Icy Chilly" is that once your singers know the title, they'll know all of the lyrics, too! (See if they can figure out the pattern of how the four words are used.) The tune is very simple and easy to learn. Even your youngest singers will be able to pick it up quickly. The real fun comes when you add the body language for each of the words in the song. While one group of kids is singing, the other group will be demonstrating the word being sung. The groups will then switch tasks after the D.C., so everyone can get in on the fun. You'll see what we suggest for each word's action written in the music on page 53. You could also have your students come up with their own actions, if they are so inclined. Just make sure they are all doing the same thing for each word. You could even come up with your own set of words, like "happy, crazy, dizzy, loopy," for example. Your new set of words would then, of course, need a new set of actions to go with it. Your students can get as creative as you'd like.

The recorded accompaniment is very bouncy and light and would really add to any performance. But if you or a pianist you know feels up to the challenge, you could use the piano part for a totally live performance. It might be nice to then add some simple percussion to go along with it - such as a triangle, a tambourine, rhythm sticks, and the like.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.