I Like Balloons

by Teresa Jennings

The old Vaudeville style of this tune is one of the things that makes it so catchy. The orchestration is deliberately modeled after the sounds of the early 1920s, using muted brass and solo saxophones.

The melody is completely unison, and despite the triplet-based swing rhythms, should be singable by even your youngest students. All they need to do is sing along with the CD, and they'll catch on!

Obviously, the point of this tune is to allow your students to have fun with balloons. Balloons filled with air, not helium, are best. (Caution: Remember that uninflated balloons can be choking hazards.)

Students can be holding and even lightly moving the balloons while they sing the song the first time through. But when they get to measure 5 on the D.S., they should be allowed to go into full play mode! Have them bounce balloons freely to each other and around the room. Remind them to be gentle though, lest anyone get carried away. The tough part will be getting them to stop playing and resume singing just before measure 15 the second time! Be sure to give them clear direction and/or a cue for this.

(Thanks to David, Celia & Ben Ellsworth for the balloon graphic inspiration on the lyric page!)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.