Have A Whacky Day

by Karl Hitzemann

This song is available as a single.

Our final Boomwhacker® piece of the year features, of course, Boomwhackers® and singers. And it gives your students a chance to have fun and act "whacky" if they want to.

The main part of the song is a call and response. The "call" part is the singers and the "response" part is the Boomwhackers®. This gives each group a chance to be featured. The middle section has the Boomwhackers® and the singers performing together. This section also gives the singers an opportunity to act a little silly by having fun with the lyrics.

One staging suggestion would be to have the Boomwhacker® players in the middle of the stage with singers on either side of them. They could do the call and response portions of the song in this formation. While the Boomwhackers® are finishing their last phrase of the "response," the singers could saunter to the center (in front of the Boomwhackers®) to sing and act out the words of the middle section. Then, as they sing the first phrase of the "call," saunter back to the same formation as the beginning. This would end up being done twice, since there is a repeat. The lyrics can be adapted to any kind of fun or silliness you'd like to act out. As a matter of fact, if you wanted to, you could do this entire song without Boomwhackers® and have your singers do both parts of the call and response. They could sing something like "have a silly, silly day," or "have a happy, happy day," etc.

"Have A Whacky Day" could very easily be performed with just piano. But the accompaniment track features a nice, easy-going rhythm section, alto and tenor saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and a really fine harmonica player. This gives the song a lighthearted atmosphere - perfect for a fun moment in any performance.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.