Robot Boy

by Anne & David Ellsworth

This song is available as a single.

Clang... clink... whirrr... This tune is written for your younger robots with suggested actions built in. How does it feel to walk like a machine down your street? How about moving from side to side or back and forth in rhythm?

Our child-friendly tribute to robots and how they move, is a musical invitation into imagination. Children can have fun being something or someone different as they move in rhythm with the curious "bleeps" and "bloops" the robot makes.

Invite your students to describe or draw what they would look like if they were robots. Ours has "shiny feet"! Does he move super fast, like a double-time march? Or does he move reeeaaally sssslooooowww? There are many specific action directions in the tune and some general ones. Once you have introduced the concept or lyrics to your class, let the mechanical menagerie choose their own moves for fun.

We've also included the robot's voice inviting your kids to "prepare to shutdown" and then "shutdown" when the fun is over.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.