Earth Day Helper

by Teresa Jennings

We have published quite a number of pieces for Earth Day, but not too many of them are necessarily suitable for very young singers. We decided to fix that by offering a song just for them to sing in honor of this special day! It's also a good way to teach and remind youngsters how to be good environmental citizens. (Yet another opportunity to bring music across the curriculum in your school.)

This sweet little tune is quite simple and repeats exactly the second time through. The only thing we have done to add a little spice the second time, is include some suggested movements. You may use these exactly as they are indicated on the music, or alter them however you like. You may also wish to use them both times through the song.

The quasi-classical orchestral setting of this tune includes strings, harpsichord, and orchestral percussion. However, the piano part that we are including in this issue is mostly playable and would be a nice accompaniment as well.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.