So Glad To See You

by Teresa Jennings

This song is brief, but happy! It is appropriate for any occasion in which you wish to welcome visitors, guests, new teachers, or new students. It's also great for just saying hello to each other! Use it at the very beginning of the school year, or after the holiday break when everyone comes back in January.

You will note that the song has a bit of syncopation in it. This may make it a little more challenging for younger students. But as always, we feel that when they sing along with the recording, they are more inclined to catch on quickly. (They may not even know it's more difficult if you don't tell them!) There are rests indicated which are meant to be the breathing points in the song. If these are not comfortable for any of your students, just have them stagger their breathing instead.

While the accompaniment on the CD is pleasant and uplifting, the piano part is playable by most pianists. If you do it live, keep it light!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.