The Itsy Bitsy Spider

arr. John Riggio

In this hilarious and whimsical arrangement, we've decided to take a look at this song from the spider's point of view. Let's go back to that fateful day he was whisked away by a torrential downpour - twice! Seriously, it's very lighthearted. Just listen to the full performance on the CD and you'll see why.

We've given you the option of singing it with or without our lovable spider voice-over, so you have the option of having your own spider. (Our script can be found on the lyric sheet on page 50.) You can even change his words and reaction for your own customized performance. For example, our spider was a bit freaked out going down the waterspout, but maybe your spider will think it's totally fun! He might say, "Whee! That was fun! I can't wait to do that again!" Or something like that. Be sure to add your own thunder (banging on pots and pans?) and rain effects (rainsticks?) as well. Of course, if you do have a student playing the role of the spider, he'll need a costume. Or, use a toy spider or puppet instead.

It should be noted that some of us learned this song as "Eensy Weensy" and some as "Itsy Bitsy." Feel free to sing it either way.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.