Valentine Heart

by Teresa Jennings

We have dubbed this tune "Beatnik hip hop" because that's what it felt like to us when we were done combining elements. We started with a great synthesized loop and just kept adding neat stuff, including basses in octaves and a third bass that plays funky fills. The capper though, was the solo trumpet playing with a harmon mute. We think it's cool, daddy-o, and we're betting your kids will dig it.

Partially spoken and partially sung, the tune is unison except for the spoken solos. We encouraged our group singers and speakers to perform with a hip hop attitude - kind of subdued and mellow. Then we had our spoken soloists deliver their lines with perky enthusiasm. The contrast is a hoot! Be sure to point it out to your kids and let them listen for style.

You might actually decide to try this one with younger students and older ones. It's not baby-ish by any stretch, but it's not hard either. It's got a very appealing style, and it actually has a decent message for those who are paying attention.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.