The Body Boogie

by Teresa Jennings, arr. Paul Jennings

Consistent with the revue's effort to put children's attention on the well-being of their bodies, this song helps your youngest singers participate as well. The entire piece is in unison and is very simple, despite the triplet based eighth notes (swing). Again, listening to the performance of the singers on the P/A recording will help your students learn it quickly.

We have indicated movement suggestions right on the music. During the verse, singers are to touch or point to the body parts as they sing about them. You could even combine these. For example, let them touch their head and shoulders, but point to their knees and toes so they don't have to bend over. (Though little ones usually have no problem bending.) When the music indicates that singers should move their whole body, it can be done freely, letting each student do his own interpretation. Or, it can be more choreographed, having all students do similar movements together. One simple thing to do is have them all twist at the waist to the beat. The neat part is the "freeze" each time it occurs. Whatever position they are in at that moment, they should hold till it says "resume movement" again. If they are moving freely, this will yield some interesting and possibly amusing poses.

During the instrumental section at measure 21, they should continue their movement as before. Even while they are speaking, they should move. Until the next "freeze," that is. Same thing goes for the coda. Even while your soloists are speaking their lines, the rest of the group continues moving. The final "freeze" at the very end of the song should leave them in lots of different positions. See how long they can hold it without giggling or falling apart!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.