B A Cowboy

by M.C. Handel/arr. Teresa Jennings

Trumpets! Horns! Cattle! What a terrific way to start the year with your beginning recorder players! M.C. and Teresa have teamed up to bring your students the sounds of a big Western movie score. This wonderfully symphonic piece conjures up images of great expanses of land, cattle drives, and galloping horses. And of course, the real beauty is that your young players will be able to play along confidently using only the beginning notes B and A. They will be able to focus more on the reading and the rhythms than on too many notes and fingerings.

A natural enhancement for the tune if you choose to use it in performance is the addition of costumes - at least cowboy hats, maybe flannel shirts and jeans. You might even add a little Western setting around and behind your performers. What else can we say, but "Yee hah!"

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.