Whacky Ogre

by Teresa Jennings

We found this fantastic loop on one of our shiny new synths and were so enamored with it that we immediately put it to use! Combining the current popularity of ogres with Boomwhackers® seemed like a natural idea, hence the title "Whacky Ogre." This ogre is indeed a little whacky in that he enjoys playing Boomwhackers®, those delightful and colorful pitched plastic tubes. (For more information on Boomwhackers®, visit our web site at MusicK8.com)

To make it even more fun, we have included a variety of non-pitched percussion instruments as well. These are optional and you may prefer to use others instead or in addition to. The basic groove is included at the beginning of the song and continues throughout. Feel free to alter the rhythms.

The solo snarls are also optional, as is the Boomwhacker® "applause" at the end of the song.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.