Red Boomwhacker®

by Teresa Jennings

We've been asked to create very, very simple Boomwhacker® music for even the youngest students to play along with. So, we have! Starting with everyone's favorite Boomwhacker® - the red one! Which also happens to be a C. This song can be performed with any of the C's you have - the high C, middle C, or if you have the Bass Boomwhackers®, the low C. (The low C is the biggest Boomwhacker® and consequently the most fun to play for many kids.)

The pattern in the song is quite simple and oh-so-repetitive to make the gratification of Boomwhacker® playing instant! If you want to make the tune a little more interesting, consider adding a C-G ostinato with Boomwhackers®. Or maybe even add a few non-pitched percussion instruments to turn the whole thing into a rhythm band march.

The lyrics are also very limited to keep young singers from getting distracted. In fact, they don't have to sing it at all if they don't want to. But if they do, the lyrics are included on page 57.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.